Rachel Barnhart sued by accused racist Dr. Nicholas Nicosia

Dr. Nicholas Nicosia, the dentist accused of hosting a controversial party with racist undertones alongside his wife, has taken legal action against a local politician.

Dr. Nicosia filed a civil lawsuit against Monroe County Legislator Rachel Barnhart, according to documents filed on August 8 by Attorney Michael Thad Allen of Allen Harris PLLC.

The lawsuit may center around public statements Barnhart made about the allegedly racist couple’s questionable party at their opulent East Avenue mansion.

At the time, their attorney Corey Hogan vehemently denied any allegations of racism, claiming it was simply a “political party.” The invitation, presented by Hogan, advertised it as the “1st Annual Liberal Smashin Splish Splash Pool Party.”

The fallout began after Jerrod Jones, a member of the Rochester Fire Department, alleged that his captain forced him and three other firefighters to attend the party while on duty. Jones claimed to have witnessed Juneteenth flags with buckets of Kentucky Fried Chicken placed beneath them, and photos of politicians impaled on spikes in the ground.

Jones further asserts that a female entertainer was present, seemingly depicting Monroe County Legislator Rachel Barnhart in a sexualized manner.

Following an investigation by the City of Rochester, Captain Jeffrey Krywy retired due to Jones’ allegations. In the city’s report, Krywy admitted to bringing firefighters to the party while on duty. He claimed that he did not find the photographs of politicians derogatory and that they held no significance. Krywy also mentioned he received a gift bag containing a Hennessy bottle, a Juneteenth cup, a candle, a tiny hat, and a stuffed bear.

In response to the City of Rochester and the Rochester Fire Department’s lack of action, Jones filed a notice of claim against both entities.

Initially, the Nicosias released a statement to the media, claiming that the situation was an “unfortunate misrepresentation of our family by uninvited guests to our home.”

However, they issued another statement, vehemently denying the racism allegations. They expressed their deep connection to the Rochester community and held a press conference to share their side of the story.

Since Jones’ accusations became public, rumors have circulated that Mary Nicosia operated a Twitter account under a fake name, posting racist content. On Tuesday, she admitted to posting “blatantly racist comments” online, apologizing to the African American community and others she may have offended.

Their attorney acknowledges the existence of Mary Nicosia’s racist Twitter account, condemning its content. However, he emphasizes that there was no racism present at the party.

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