GSL reporter Geoffrey Rogers filed lawsuit against Sheriff Todd Baxter & others

Geoffrey Rogers has taken legal action against the City of Rochester, Mark Allen, Stanley Kaminski, John Doe Police Officers 1-200, County of Monroe, Todd Baxter, and Richard Roe Sheriff’s Deputies 1-200. The case is being heard in the US District Court for the Western District of New York, presided over by Judge Frank P Geraci. The nature of the case falls under Civil Rights: Other, 42 U.S.C. § 1983 Civil Rights Act.

According to the claim, on September 4 and 5, 2020, Mr. Rogers attended Black Lives Matter protests in the City of Rochester in his capacity as a photojournalist, wearing a jacket clearly marked “PRESS” and prominently displaying the GLS logo. On both nights, he was targeted and attacked by law enforcement while standing with other members of the press and while standing alone. 3. Defendants targeted and attacked Mr. Rogers because he was a member of the press and was reporting on the violent law enforcement response to protests calling for police accountability and an end to the racist policing practices that caused RPD officers to murder Daniel Prude. The defendant RPD officers and Sheriff’s Deputies—pursuant to policy—retaliated against Mr. Rogers by targeting him and attacking him with pepper balls and other “less lethal” munitions for photographing and documenting their violent response to the protests.

The document goes on to state Defendant TODD BAXTER (“Sheriff Baxter” or “BAXTER”) was, at all times relevant herein, the duly elected Sheriff of the County of Monroe. At all relevant times, Defendant BAXTER was acting within the scope of his employment and under color of state law. He is sued in his individual and official capacity. BAXTER is responsible for the training, supervision and discipline of the Defendant Sheriff’s Deputies under state law.

On January 4, 2023, Adam M. Clark filed a notice of appearance on behalf of Todd Baxter, County of Monroe, and Richard Roe Sheriff’s Deputies 1-200. This filing indicates their involvement in the case.

In a text order, Judge Geraci acknowledges that the parties have agreed to designate Amanda Williams as the mediator for this case. The decision to appoint Williams as the mediator was made during a status conference for related cases on December 13, 2022. The case is now referred to mediation, and the parties are instructed to promptly meet and confer with the mediator to schedule the first mediation session. The mediator may also handle any mediation discovery-related disputes that may arise. It is emphasized that any final settlement should include fees and costs.

Maria Elizabeth Rodi also filed a notice of appearance on behalf of Todd Baxter and County of Monroe, indicating their involvement in the case.

The court notifies the parties that a United States Magistrate is available to conduct all proceedings in this civil action, in accordance with 28 U.S.C. 636c and FRCP 73. The Notice, Consent, and Reference of a Civil Action to a Magistrate Judge form (AO-85) is provided for download on the court’s website.

Mark Allen, City of Rochester, and Stanley Kaminski filed a notice of removal from the NYS Supreme Court, County of Monroe, with case number E2022009715.

Rogers is currently in Monroe County Jail custody on an unrelated charge.

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