Greece Supervisor Bill Reilich accused of forced labor

Source WXXI:

A former government official from Greece has filed a lawsuit against the town and its leaders, seeking over $5 million in damages. The official, Robert “Bobby” Johnson, claims he was forced to perform unpaid labor for Supervisor Bill Reilich’s personal business of refurbishing and selling classic cars.

Johnson, who served as the deputy commissioner of public works for Greece, alleges that from 2014 to 2022, he was required to work at Reilich’s “Hot Rod Ranch” on weekends, performing various tasks such as car repairs and vehicle pickups. According to the lawsuit, Johnson was not paid the minimum wage or overtime for his work at the Ranch. He further asserts that if he refused to work at the Ranch, he would be fired from his position in the town. The lawsuit also accuses Reilich, Deputy Town Supervisor Michelle Marini, and members of the local Republican committee of using Johnson as a personal handyman for tasks unrelated to the Ranch, such as installing cameras and maintaining driveways. When Johnson complained about these unpaid assignments, he claimed he faced retaliation and was stripped of his supervisory roles.

The lawsuit seeks compensation for unpaid wages, unjust enrichment, retaliation, and other damages, totaling $5.5 million. Johnson is also requesting the reinstatement of lost health benefits. Johnson’s attorney questions how such actions could occur without intervention and suggests that more misconduct beyond what is currently known.

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