Enhanced public safety downtown

The City of Rochester and the Rochester Police Department leadership have been working diligently to finalize a plan that aims to enhance public safety downtown. This plan, which has been in the making for a year, seeks to address staffing shortages and current trends in violence.

RPD Chief David Smith explains that the reorganization of the department’s staff will allow for better utilization and movement of officers, resulting in improved response times. The structure of officer supervision will also change, ensuring that the manpower remains the same but is organized in a way that is even more responsive to the community’s needs.

One of the key aspects of the plan is the alignment of police quadrants with the city’s established Neighborhood Service Centers. This strategic move aims to enhance the department’s approach to community policing, as the quadrants will overlap with the current “Central Section” area. By closely aligning police presence with the neighborhoods they serve, officers will be better equipped to understand and address the specific needs and concerns of the community.

Furthermore, the plan includes the addition of two new sections that will be based on the current Central Section offices. These sections will work alongside other downtown-centric teams, ensuring that there are more police officers available to respond to calls for service in Downtown Rochester. This expansion of police presence will not come at the expense of existing car beats and foot patrols, as those will be retained under the new plan.

The collaboration between the City of Rochester and the Rochester Police Department leadership is commendable. By working together, they have developed a comprehensive plan that takes into account the specific needs of the downtown area and aims to enhance public safety. The reorganization of the department’s staff and the alignment of police quadrants with Neighborhood Service Centers will undoubtedly improve the department’s ability to engage with the community and address their concerns effectively.

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