Daniel Legler Identified as Man Killed by Trooper

Published August 2023:

Law enforcement confirmed a police-involved shooting on Interstate 490. The report indicates Trooper Caito, a 9-year veteran encountered a vehicle driven by 35-year-old Daniel Legler.

According to the report, Caito attempted to pull over the vehicle due to an expired inspection. The driver, identified as Legler, allegedly sped away, initiating a high-speed chase. The pursuit ended when Legler lost control and crashed while exiting State Route 531 at Rochester Tech Park.

After the crash, the report stated, Legler exited the vehicle despite Caito’s commands to stay inside. A struggle ensued when Caito approached Legler to apprehend him. During the altercation, authorities explained Legler, who was armed with an illegal handgun, fired a shot. In response, Caito released his hold on Legler, drew his service weapon, and, while retreating, returned fire. This exchange resulted in Legler’s death.

The police department expressed deep regret over the tragic outcome of the incident that occurred on Sunday.

“Our duty as law enforcement officers is to protect lives and property,” stated Spezio. “We are committed to this solemn responsibility. The loss of any life is deeply regrettable, and our thoughts and condolences go out to Mr. Legler’s family during this difficult time.”

Authorities stressed that Trooper Caito acted according to his training.

“The use of deadly force is never a desired outcome in our profession,” Spezio explained. “However, faced with the immediate threat encountered by Trooper Caito, he made a decision to ensure his own safety and neutralize the danger.”

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