County Executive Adam Bello’s property tax freeze

Source WXXI: Monroe County Executive Adam Bello has announced his intention to maintain the current level of property tax revenue for the county’s 2024 budget. While the specific tax rates are yet to be determined, Bello emphasized that the freeze on the tax levy will result in a tax cut for many households due to the increasing property values across the county. This marks the first time in 22 years that Monroe County will not be raising property taxes.

During a news conference, Bello — who is up for re-election this year, highlighted the importance of responsible budgeting and providing certainty for Monroe County families. He expressed his commitment to being a responsible steward of taxpayer money. Bello was joined by both Democratic and Republican legislators, demonstrating bipartisan support for his decision.

In addition to the tax freeze, Bello announced that the county’s credit rating has improved and that a policy will be implemented to maintain the county’s reserves at 10% of the budget, equivalent to approximately $130 million. This policy will be presented to the Legislature for approval. Republican Majority Leader Steve Brew expressed his support for the policy, emphasizing its importance in preparing the county for economic fluctuations and unforeseen events.

Bello addressed concerns about past administrations drawing from reserve funds and holding the tax levy flat. He assured that the county now has sufficient reserves to cover unexpected expenses and emergencies, eliminating the need for one-shot revenues to fill budget gaps. The county’s improved credit rating reflects its strong financial position.

By maintaining the tax levy and implementing a fund balance policy, Monroe County aims to ensure long-term financial stability and continue on its positive financial trajectory. Bello emphasized the significance of this milestone, stating that the county is holding the tax levy flat for the first time in over two decades.

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