Voting in November for President?

Will You Be Voting in November for President? If your answer is “Yes,” then my next question is, “For Whom Will You Be Voting? If your answer is, “No, I will not be voting,” then I would like to share my thoughts with you and fervently hope you will change your mind.  (Contact ___for voter […]

Fair of Foul: Monroe County Legislator Receiving Kickback From ARPA Funding?

More suspicion is growing after allegations of mismanagement of funds by the Community Resource Collaborative(CRC). Now, we are taking a deep dive into another organization receiving funding. In December 2022, the Monroe County Legislature approved funding of over $98 million in grants through the American Rescue Plan Act(ARPA). CRC was awarded $7.1 Million to create […]

The Levine Center to End Hate

ROCHESTER, NY – The Levine Center to End Hate announced a special campaign to show gratitude for loved ones and community members by sending them personalized notes called LoveGrams. This initiative encourages individuals to connect with in a meaningful way during the weeks leading up to and on Valentine’s Day. The campaign, which runs from […]

Nikki Haley-Next US President or Just Trump’s Biggest Nightmare?

Perhaps the time has come for the first woman in the history of the USA to be elected as President, and if elected, that role could be taken on by Nikki Haley. She is the last hurdle on the path to Trump’s candidacy for the American presidency, and if she fails in that endeavor, the […]

Explosive accusations by Legislator Mercedes Vazquez-Simmons

Monroe County Legislator Mercedes Vazquez-Simmons went to social media to expose the shenanigans happening behind closed doors. She claims her attempts to “negotiate” failed with potential candidates for President of the Democratic Caucus of the Monroe County Legislature and more

NYS provides schools with rapid test kits

Source: Governor.NY.Gov New York State has announced that in light of the new BA.2.86 variant and the increase in COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations, the state will be providing school districts and Boards of Cooperative Educational Services with COVID-19 rapid test kits and masks upon request. Governor Hochul emphasizes the importance of frequent testing and following […]

Expanding access to Naloxone

Source: Governor.NY.Gov Governor Kathy Hochul emphasized the accessibility of naloxone, commonly known as Narcan, a medication that can reverse the effects of drug overdoses from substances like heroin, fentanyl, and prescription opioids. Starting this month, major pharmacies such as Walgreens, CVS, Walmart, and Rite Aid will carry the medication both online and in stores. Naloxone […]

Enroll in the Citizens Preparedness Course

Source: Governor.NY.Gov New York State is taking significant steps to expand its Citizen Preparedness Corps training in September. This expansion is part of National Preparedness Month and aims to prioritize preparedness for older adults. The annual campaign, which occurs every September, emphasizes the importance of taking proactive measures before an emergency to ensure personal safety […]

Senator Jeremy Cooney purchases legal Cannabis

Source: New York State Senator Jeremy Cooney tweeted, “Felt good to purchase safe and legal cannabis right here in Rochester, NY.#cannabis” The Senator’s purchase comes after introducing the Cannabis Adult-Use Transition Act (CAUTA) in collaboration with various industry and community stakeholder groups. The purpose of this measure is to ensure a smooth transition to […]