$600,000 to Mohawk River Basin — $3 million available in State’s Invasive Species Grant Program (ISGP)

Source: Dec.NY.Gov

Lt. Governor Antonio Delgado and Commissioner Basil Seggos of the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) have unveiled a series of grants totaling $600,000 to support the implementation of the Mohawk River Basin Action Agenda 2021-2026. The Action Agenda is a comprehensive plan aimed at conserving, preserving, and restoring the Mohawk River and its watershed. The grants will be used to fund local partnerships and initiatives throughout the region.

According to Lt. Governor Delgado, the Mohawk River Watershed is a vital environmental and economic asset for upstate New York. The grants will play a crucial role in protecting the habitats of the Mohawk River, improving water quality, and building a more resilient region. The ultimate goal is to ensure a cleaner and more sustainable future for the state.

Commissioner Seggos emphasized the importance of the grants in supporting key projects that will protect and enhance the Mohawk River. The grants will also contribute to the management of the watershed’s resources for long-term sustainability. The Mohawk River and its watershed are not only significant from an environmental standpoint but also serve as valuable recreational and economic assets.

The Mohawk River is the largest tributary to the Hudson River and spans 14 counties and 172 municipalities within New York State. The Mohawk River Basin Action Agenda was developed by DEC— to bring together various stakeholders committed to the conservation and preservation of the river, its watershed, and the surrounding communities. The program acts as a coordinator of watershed-wide activities, fostering partnerships and collaboration throughout the region.

The Action Agenda focuses on four key goals: water quality, flooding and resilience, fisheries and habitats, and recreation and stewardship. By addressing these goals, the program aims to manage and protect the natural resources of the river and its watershed for a sustainable future.

The grants awarded will support a range of projects led by municipalities, conservation districts, educational institutions, and nonprofit organizations. These projects include flood hazard risk reduction, streambank stabilization, trail construction, environmental education programs, and water quality monitoring initiatives. The grants represent the sixth round of funding provided through the program.

The announcement of these grants highlights the commitment of the DEC and its partners to the preservation and protection of the Mohawk River watershed. By investing in these projects, they aim to ensure the long-term health and vitality of the river and its surrounding ecosystems.

The grants are made possible through the State’s Environmental Protection Fund (EPF), which supports various environmental programs across New York State. The EPF provides funding for land acquisition, farmland protection, invasive species prevention, recreation access, water quality improvement, and environmental justice projects. In the 2023-24 State Budget, Governor Hochul maintained EPF funding at a record-high level of $400 million.

In addition to the Mohawk River grants, DEC has also announced the availability of $3 million in the third round of the State’s Invasive Species Grant Program (ISGP). This grant program, also supported by the EPF, aims to address both aquatic and terrestrial invasive species throughout the state. The program offers funding for projects related to invasive species spread prevention, early detection and rapid response, research, management planning, and education and outreach. Applications for these grants are being accepted until November 1, 2023.

For more information on the Mohawk River Basin Action Agenda, previous grant awards, and funding opportunities, visit DEC’s website.

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